Jan. 29, 2019: The Magic of Storytelling – Fairfield, Iowa

Terry June Harnish of Terry Tales International and the Golden Speakers Toastmasters Club of Fairfield presents a storytelling evening entitled “The Magic of Storytelling” Tuesday, January 29, 7:30 p.m. at the Fairfield Public Library. .  This event is free of charge and open to the public.

Her previous event “Once Upon a Winter Solstice” was a big success.  Mayor Ed Malloy spoke, as well as other long time friends of Terry, and shared their own stories.  A cozy community feeling was created and the foundation for Storytelling in Fairfield has been set.

It all started back in 1989 when Terry joined the group that brought Golden Speakers Toastmaster’s to Fairfield. This event is a celebration of our 30th Anniversary!

Toastmasters International is a 92-year-old global leadership and communication organization dedicated to empowering members to develop oral communication and leadership skills to foster self-confidence and personal growth. It has 332,000 members and 15,400 clubs in over 135 countries. Golden Speakers Toastmasters of Fairfield has served the community for 30 years and welcomes people from all types of backgrounds and interests.

Come celebrate and mingle with the Toastmasters this Tuesday and learn more about this local group. They provide a very supportive learning environment for people who want to gain confidence speaking in front of others. 

Terry’s Great Aunt, Dr. Helen Creighton, was Canada’s first folklorist, collecting 13 volumes of ghost stories associated with Atlantic Canadian lore and health remedies, as well as 17 volumes of Folk songs and Lore.  Helen collaborated with Pete Seeger and many of his songs are from her collection.  This storytelling ‘siddhi’ runs in her family lineage, from her parents, great grand parents, and her whole family tree. 

Come January 29th and listen to how Terry takes the ‘terror’ out of talking!

Looking back at “Once Upon a Bright Blue Bay”

Here are some photo memories of the annual “Once Upon a Bright Blue Bay” storytelling festival going back to 1995. If you can supply the names of the Mystery People, please contact Terry!

July 1995, storytellers Mystery Man, Vince Morash, Jody Meyers, Terry Harnish and Walter “Googie” Fitzgerald who was mayor of Halifax at the time. St. Luke’s Church in Hubbards.
1997 “Summertime Memories” at St. Luke’s.
1998 (we think): Carmon Stone, Doris Collins, Terry Harnish, Nellie Corkum, Robert Conrad, Marsha Mills, and Roy Harnish (Terry’s father)
2000 “Small Ships, Tall Tales” with Tim (?), Terry from England in back, Terry Harnish in front, Mystery Man 1, Mystery Man 2, Don Pier and Robert Conrad.
2002, International Year of the Teddy Bear, with (L-R) Joan Salzman, Judy Morrison, Tim (?) again, Budge Wilson, Terry Harnish, our MLA John Chataway, Verna Shatford, Peggy Conrad, and their fuzzy friends.

Once Upon A Winter Solstice

Video: Storytelling in Fairfield, Iowa on Dec. 21, 2018

UPDATE: Here is the video of my “Once Upon A Winter Solstice” storytelling festival, which took place Friday, December 21st, 2018 at Morning Star Studio in Fairfield, Iowa.

Mayor Ed Malloy gave an official welcome. My story follows, then others, then more Terry Tales close the show.

The event, a first in the history of Fairfield, was a joint fundraiser for the Lord’s Cupboard Food Bank and the re-carpeting of the lobby of the MUM Ladies Dome.

Article on page 1 of the Fairfield Weekly Reader

Lost in Iowa!

car stuck in mud
Returning to the car some days later

Terry spent American Thanksgiving and the 3 days following in her rental car, stuck to the axles in mud, outside Fairfield, Iowa, on a road not used in winter – and without a cellphone.

She survived on a Christmas marzipan fruitcake and two bottles of kombucha, and only her Terry Tales for company.

Just as she was running out of gas to keep warm, and after a foot of snow had buried everything, including her car, she was found by two boys on snowmobiles.

Got the car back, but it needs a cleanup!

Since then, she’s been getting lots of mileage out of the story! Here are some links to the flurry of press coverage:

DesMoines Register:  Canadian woman stranded on Iowa mud road for 3 days survived on kombucha and marzipan cake

CBC: Hubbards woman, 72, survives 4 days stranded in car on rural road

CTV: Iowa teens rescue Canadian after 3 days stranded with car

Fairfield Ledger:  Woman rescued after three days in car

The Gazette (Iowa): Canadian survives 3 days stuck on Iowa road

WSBTV: Woman, 72, survives on kombucha, marzipan cake while stranded for 4 days

Radio-Canada : Une femme coincée dans sa voiture survit pendant 4 jours avec un gâteau aux fruits et du kombucha

Independent (UK) Teens rescue 72-year-old after she spent 3 days stranded in her car.
Terry Harnish survived on Kombucha and marzipan cake

mud and boots