Looking back at “Once Upon a Bright Blue Bay”

Here are some photo memories of the annual “Once Upon a Bright Blue Bay” storytelling festival going back to 1995. If you can supply the names of the Mystery People, please contact Terry!

July 1995, storytellers Mystery Man, Vince Morash, Jody Meyers, Terry Harnish and Walter “Googie” Fitzgerald who was mayor of Halifax at the time. St. Luke’s Church in Hubbards.
1997 “Summertime Memories” at St. Luke’s.
1998 (we think): Carmon Stone, Doris Collins, Terry Harnish, Nellie Corkum, Robert Conrad, Marsha Mills, and Roy Harnish (Terry’s father)
2000 “Small Ships, Tall Tales” with Tim (?), Terry from England in back, Terry Harnish in front, Mystery Man 1, Mystery Man 2, Don Pier and Robert Conrad.
2002, International Year of the Teddy Bear, with (L-R) Joan Salzman, Judy Morrison, Tim (?) again, Budge Wilson, Terry Harnish, our MLA John Chataway, Verna Shatford, Peggy Conrad, and their fuzzy friends.