Lost in Iowa!

car stuck in mud
Returning to the car some days later

Terry spent American Thanksgiving and the 3 days following in her rental car, stuck to the axles in mud, outside Fairfield, Iowa, on a road not used in winter – and without a cellphone.

She survived on a Christmas marzipan fruitcake and two bottles of kombucha, and only her Terry Tales for company.

Just as she was running out of gas to keep warm, and after a foot of snow had buried everything, including her car, she was found by two boys on snowmobiles.

Got the car back, but it needs a cleanup!

Since then, she’s been getting lots of mileage out of the story! Here are some links to the flurry of press coverage:

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Independent (UK) Teens rescue 72-year-old after she spent 3 days stranded in her car.
Terry Harnish survived on Kombucha and marzipan cake

mud and boots